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Aka: Mike and Belinda Adams

American History, Living History
Mike & Belinda Adams
Mike & Belinda Adams present American History that kids love to learn because they interact with it, become part of it, and take part of it home with them. Mike, Belinda and Thor offer a variety of programs that are sure to make even the most challenging audiences sit up and take notice.

Our most requested programs include Plains Indians, John Henry-Civil War Soldier, The Scout and the Schoolteacher, and of course The Mountain Men. Other programs include StoryTelling and Original Ballads and Folksongs

Our trio takes the history lesson out of the text book and brings it to life with their expert theatrics and story telling talents. Bluehawk and Morning Star also have a museum-quality collection of wonderful & authentic artifacts that are used to help them teach the children about our past. Come on in and explore what they have to offer, as we ...

Our Mission: Take history out of the text book and make it come alive for our audiences.

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1415 1350 Road, New Albany, KS 66736
Phone: 620-288-9869