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Aka: Mike and Belinda Adams

Music to set the mood.
Nothing sets the mood like camp-fire singing.

Folk music can transport its listeners to another place and time. A time when Indians, Trappers, and Settlers rode the same trails. A time when buffalo and elk roamed the prairies.

Mike shares a ballad with a class.

Stories are passed down from generation to generation through stories and songs. Using lively toe-tapping tunes, contemporary melodies, and original ballads, Bluehawk and Morning Star capture 'Moments in Our Nation's History' for large and small groups with 45 minute Assembly or Classroom Workshops.

Unsure which show is right for your group? Find out more about planning and booking a presentation or contact us if you have any questions?

Comments ...
Your folksongs and music were just atmosphere for our evening events. You helped us round out 'Setting Sun on the Sante Fe Trail' just right! Come back anytime.
---Janet Hammeke, Great Bend, Kansas
I loved the song about the Alamo you sang at Mid-West Old Threshers. It sent goosebumps up my back!
---James 'Hawkeye' Wirrett, Sherman, Texas

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