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Aka: Mike and Belinda Adams

Blue Hawk will fascinate and enchant your students.
Come. Sit around our campfire and listen ...

Relive the age old method of preserving history. Spice up your Reading Program. Bring the legends of American History to life in your school with the artistry of Mike and Belinda Adams.

Let Morning Star take your students places they have never been.

Your students will be amazed as the Adams', using their imagination and creativity, bring to life Indian myths and teaching stories that answer the questions...Why does the Bobcat have a short tail? Why do bears sleep all winter? Were do people come from? Have your students hear the Frontier legends. Bring their imagination and creativity into your school for a unique learning opportunity.

Powerful stories + Masterful telling = Enchanted audience!

Bring the legends of American History to life in your school with the artistry of Mike and Belinda, our 'Storytellers' !

Unsure which show is right for your group? Find out more about planning and booking a presentation or contact us if you have any questions?

Comments ...
Students were excited and attentive to the presentation. The variety in the program reached all ages. We also had good student participation.
---Robert Wedel, Principal, Lyons High School, Lyons, KS
The students were enthralled by the stories. I like the teaching that was going on. It was the best program we ever booked according to one of our third grade teachers.
---Linda Crompton, Elem. Medial Director, Big Lake Elem., Big Lake, MN
Our students were captivated. Even the 6th graders were enthralled. We're already planning for their return. This couple are masters at their craft!
---Margie Sorley, Teacher, Bean Elementary, Lubbock, TX

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