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Aka: Mike and Belinda Adams

Plains Indians
Belinda explains what it is like to live in a Plains Indian Tipi.
Imagine a completely furnished, braintanned buffalo hide tipi in your gym!

Mike & Thor demonstrate how a travois works.
Experience life in a Plains Indian Camp of the early 1800's. Picture your class learning the skills and games of 200 years ago!

A life-size, hand-built buffalo hide tipi!
Find out what it would be like to live in a tipi. Touch actual tools, weapons, toys, and games. Learn flintknapping, corn grinding, and hide tanning. Practice using a bow drill like the Indians of long ago. Learn to shoot a real Indian bow and arrow. Make beadwork patterns and try to design your own.

Belinda demonstrates how Plains Indians used common implements.
This program is pinpointed to take one class (25 participants) through the portals of history. Another option would be to rotate your entire student body through the museum without doing the living skills.

Unsure which show is right for your group? Find out more about planning and booking a presentation or contact us if you have any questions?

Either way, it is a great opportunity to experience another culture! Living History is a unique learning experience, a chance to magically return to America's earliest times and to have a 'hands-on' experience. Students will never forget the knowledge gained from sitting in the middle of a tipi on a buffalo robe and passing around tools and weapons used long ago.

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