Come along in time and meet Blue Hawk, the Original Iron-jawed, Brass Mounted Copper-bellied Corpse Maker from the wilds of the Rocky Mountains! Programs for Schools, Historic sites, Museums, & Community Celebrations.  Our trio takes the history lesson out of the text book and brings it to life with their expert theatrics and story telling talents.
Experience life in a Plains Indian Camp of the early 1800s. Imagine a completely furnished, braintanned buffalo hide tipi in your gym! Placeholder Image
Come. Sit around our campfire and listen ... Placeholder Image
The REAL Mike & Belinda.  From movie credits to a bachelors of education, we are experienced, serious professionals.
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Take an unbiased look at both sides of the greatest conflict our country has faced through the eyes of men who were there.
Be a part of history for a moment as Mike and Belinda Adams use a first person interpretation to re-enact the lives and experiences of Victoria Westman and Charles Taggert on the Oregon Trail.
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